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The Little House Of Prayer is a source of intercessory prayers for our Church, our Diocese, our Parish and for all who have asked for prayers.  The mission of the Little House of Prayer is to propagate the Holy Rosary and personal prayer life. 

Bernadette Cyr is the Spiritual Director and Founder of the "Little House Of Prayer ministries.  She shares an Apostolate of Prayer and Healing through the Two Hearts:  Jesus and Mary.  Bernadette continues to travel throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico to conduct Healing Services, Spiritual Retreats and to share her powerful story of how the Lord has touched her life.

COVID-19 Statement

To all the Friends and Supporters of The Little House Of Prayer,

The Board of Directors of The Little House of Prayer are reminding our friends and supporters that standard precautions in regards to the Covid-19 virus are being recommended at the Little House of Prayer until further notice.  Please keep in mind that your safety and well-being are important to us.

- Safe social distancing is still in effect, to include praying over at a safe distance at          healing services.
- Usage of masks is strongely encouraged, this will protect you as well as us.
- Maine's last remaining mask requirement, which only applies to indoor pre-K-12
        schools and childcare settings will end Wednesday, June 30th.
- Please bring and use hand sanitizer as needed.  We also keep hand sanitizer on          hand.
- The Little House of Prayer is santitized after every healing service, once everyone          has left.

Please take the time to check updates from your state as well as updates from the State of Maine at

Please check our website frequently for updates and continue to send your prayer requests to:

We will still be praying daily for the protection and safety of you and your families.   If you cannot attend the healing service, you can still be with us in spirit and prayer.  Stay safe, stay well and God Bless you all!

Thank You,
The Board of Directors of The Little House of Prayer


The Little House Of Prayer
8 Little House Of Prayer Drive
Biddeford, ME 04005
Phone: (207) 284-6286
Last Updated:   July 13, 2021


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