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By Bernadette Cyr:

Bernadette Cyr is not a person of great education which the world considers important. She is, however, a person of great faith which is all important. She has been Blessed by the Lord with great gifts and prays constantly to be humble in His eyes. She has been used by Him who uses us all to do His great and merciful works, the works of the Father, the works of the Kingdom. Like all of us she does these works knowing that she is simply an earthly vessel containing a great treasure, that of God’s grace.

As you read her words in this book do so praying the Spirit of Jesus to lead you and inspire you to understand and appreciate that it is the sharing of one soul to another. This book does not contain the great truths of our lives, the Gospel has those. But this book can help you to se how Jesus is the source of living water, that He quenches all our thirsts.

As Bernadette and her husband and family has known the presence of their Lord "By The Stillness of The Little House Of Prayer," may you also be blessed to know His mercy and love in the presence of these inspired prayers and thoughts. May this book be another way in which the Lord Jesus ministers to you and yours through His loving servant, Bernadette.

After being ill for 33 years of her life, Bernadette was completely healed by Jesus on June 25, 1978. At that time she began a new life and a powerful mission. Since her healing, Bernadette has touched and influenced many people by her examples and love for others.

Bernadette shares her story with you along with many teachings that she has received from the Holy Spirit. Come and journey with Bernadette as she reveals her story and provides teachings that will touch your heart and draw you closer to the Lord. As you come along this journey you will learn of the Lord’s greatness and goodness. You will see that the Lord walks daily with you and is ever in your life. He will teach you of His greatness and glory and how you, too, can share a personal relationship with Him. Come, and be touched by the Holy Spirit, and learn to live in His love.


Rosary Tapes:
Available in French or English.  Each audio tape contains the 20 mysteries of the Holy Rosary along with a meditative introduction to each mystery.

Music Tape #1:  
Contains the following songs:  "Mama Marie", "I Shall Call Upon His Name", "Jesus, I Love You", "Holy, Holy, Holy", "Come Holy Spirit", "Let Us Live This Day", "I Pledge My Love", "I Want To Walk With You", and "Holy Spirit We Praise Thy Name". 

Music Tape #2:
Contains the following songs:  "Bind Yourself To My Cross", "Sacred Heart Of Jesus", "I Am A Child Of God", "Receive My Heart", "Father Life Me Up", "How Great Is Our God", and "He is Lord".

DVD Tapes of the Campfire Mass


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Various Metal Rosaries
Cord Rosary
Lapel Rosary
St Theresa Chaplet
St. Michael Chaplet
Medjugorje Chaplet
Precious Blood Chaplet


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