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Apostolate of Prayer and Healing
Through the Two Hearts:
Jesus and Mary

"If you cannot understand my silence,
you will not understand my words."


Bulletin:    May - June 2018

Sickness and Suffering

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Sickness and suffering are both a mystery  Sickness is not of God.   It is an evil to the body, though they do bring us closer to God.  Some pain is redemptive.

Some people believe that God wants everyone healed.  That is not so, though it does remain a mystery as to why some are healed and others are not.  That is up to the Divine Providence.  I have no answers to that.  Some people come to be prayed over and expect me to give a promise of healing.  That is one thing I can not do.   Jesus Christ alone is the healer.  A divine healing is purely a gift healing.   I just merely ask.

Some people can only understand what they want to understand.  The healing ministry is not a complicated ministry.  You must keep yourself with God.  One might think this person prays all the time, yes and no.  It is not always on your knees, but you must spend time alone with Our God.  It is a must, but most of all, you must be an example of God.  You must live God and talk to God in all that you do.   Use God as your closest friend.  You must use Him as a living person, as the Living God that He is.  And really you can not get a better friend than God. 

He Himself has told us, "I am your friend.  I have told you all that the Father has told Me, I've kept no secrets from you."  (John 15:15) If we are to believe the Word of God then we must develop this friendship with our God.

As I mentioned above, sickness is not of God.   It is part of life.  In my life, through my years of sickness, I have learned to separate the physical reality from the spiritual reality.  We tend to think life should be fair because God is fair. 

God is not of this life and if we confuse God with the physical reality of life, by expecting constant good health, we set ourselves up for disappointments.

If we can have a good prayer life, we will also have a good relationship with God apart from the physical results of our circumstance, and His strength will be with us and we will be able to hang on when the physical reality breaks down.  There again, we always think life is not fair.  Just how fair was life to Jesus?  Speaking for myself, the Cross to Calvary has shown that the basic belief that life is supposed to be fair, is just not so.

My deepest friendship with Jesus became inseparable while I was 100% disabled.  I learned about suffering of mind through rejection and persecution and suffering of the heart and physical suffering.  Yes, suffering is redemptive.  If you offer it, it is also a stairway to Jesus Christ.

In my hard times, I used to place myself with my Beloved Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Alone with Him, just Jesus and me.  In your hard times, you can do the same.  He will console you and encourage you better than anyone on this earth.

Yes, in times of sickness and suffering, we can become so alone and lonely.  But, if you turn to Jesus, He will understand where you are at.  God loves you.  He is a compassionate God.  He is a God of Love.  The compassion of God lies beyond human understanding.  So anyone who offers a promise of healing in God's name. just to give a sick person or their family hope, is wrong.  For healing, sickness and suffering, is a mystery.  We must offer prayers and leave the healing to God.   For only God Himself has the answer and who are we to question God.  Many times we don't have the need to know.  We must pray for increase of faith always.

Christian faith is the best policy in the case of sickness and suffering.  It takes simplicity of heart.  Christian Faith in One God always gives the balance we need in the case of sickness and suffering.  Christian Faith will not only give you  the balance to bring you through sickness and suffering but with great effect that often surprise anyone.  The subject of healing ministry must be approached with great caution, and no promise, but the trust in the Will of Our Blessed Lord.

We must always speak true reality.  God will always come through and He will speack through you in a way which is courageous and will build up the faith in the community.   In the healing ministry we have a God given talent that we should not abuse.   Without entering into a lengthy discussion on this, my own experience, when we pray for God's help, my only belief, the truth is that Jesus Christ is at work.

I see people all the time thinking that one's prayers are the best, or that one is better.   Or when this person prays things happen.  That's not so.  And, we should never encourage people to throw away their medication once they have been prayed over for healing.  Unless, there is a real revelation on that point that there was, for sure, a healing from God.  If we worked by the Holy Spirit we really don't need to dwell on it, then let us let the Holy Spirit do His work.  Let's give Him the room.  Let us put our humanity aside.

When there is a physical healing, it is to build up the faith.  When a physical healing can be seen, God alone knows how many inner healings have taken place at the same time as spiritual healings.  What is God's Will?  God alone knows.  Let us thank God for what He has given us.  Remember, God is under no obligation to heal any of us.  When he does do it, He does it out of His love for us.

Peace Be With You
Bernadette G. Cyr



Listen to Me

Listen carefully!  Listen and God will speak to you.  God is speaking to you at this moment, this instant, in the depth of your heart.  If you listen carefully you will hear Him.

Are we ready at this moment, to meet the Lord?  Before we know it, this earthly life will have passed us by.  Are we ready at this moment?  We are here today, this we know.  But tomorrow?  We do not know, if we will have tomorrow.

My brothers and sisters, we all have a choice to make.  To choose Eternal Life, or not to.  The choice is ours. But, one thing for sure, "no one will go to the grave all dressed up with no place to go".  So it is up to us to choose, Jesus Christ, or the way of the world.  The choice is ours.  Will it be Jesus?

We need to pray continually and never to lose heart.  As a baptized Christian, it is our duty to pray continually.  We need to pray for the needs of our Pope: Benedict XVI; the needs and intentions of our Bishops and our local Ordinaries; our parish pastors, their associates and all our priests, who shepherd us and for the needs of the universal church.
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How can we profess that we believe in the Gospels of Jesus Christ and to be His follower if we do not pray?  A true believer and follower of Jesus Christ has the desire, in his heart, to pray continually.

Jesus Christ, in His Gospels, is described by His evangelists, as telling them about this need to pray continually.  This does not mean to be always in vocal prayer, but all that we do, can be done as a prayer, if it is done for Christ, "For His Glory."   It may not be a prayer as some of us visualize prayer.  This kind of prayer is doing God's will.  A person in God's graces, is as natural a way to pray as to breath, eat or sleep, for we are one with God. Are we not?  Do everything in the name of Jesus and you will live in prayer.

Peace Be With You
Bernadette G. Cyr


From Darkness To Light

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His love will see you from darkness to light.  Each morning we experience a resurrection from darkness to light, when daylight comes.

In life there are many precious moments from darkness to light ... I think the sweetest joy in life is when one finally realizes that "Yes, I believe God is real."   Realizing, not only in mind but in the heart, those precious moments are those more felt than seen.  Yes, God is real and no matter what, He is there for me.  He cares for me ... these are moments that we come from darkness to light.

Moments of sweetest joys are when we start to trust Him, really and truly trust Him.   Oh, those precious moments ... though we really trust Him does not mean it will be smooth sailing from now on.

One loses a loved one, like a spouse, there again we experience darkness.  It seems that life has come to an end ... especially if one has had a good marriage.  Then comes from what seems to be darkness, light in our life once again because He cares.  And, He walks with us at these precious moments.  We realize that we have been carried in His arms through calm from stressful waters.   His love was always there,  God keeps in touch with His child.

Through every pain God shows Himself a bit each day.   When life spoils the plans that we have made, we must ask ourselves "Have we included Him in our plans?  Were our plans His plans?"  We must be content in the knowledge that God knows best and that trouble and sorrow are only a test.  We must not let them disturb our trust in Him.

In the shadow of our sorrow you can draw on the light of God.  It is at these times we can experience from darkness to light.  His light is always with us.  But, we need to trust in His love for us and that He cares for us.  At these moments we need to trust Him and know that He is the light of our life.  he is the captain of our ship in life.  We need Him to steer our ship.  For many a soul is steering his ship toward a worldly goal, give me, give me more.  A child who steers his ship for worldly goals will be lost in the ocean of this world.  A child who lets Him be the captain of his ship shall be called a Child of God and will be counted in the choir of angels praising His name forever and ever.

When we meet Him face to face we will see it was so sweet to have gone to God in all things and to leave our burdens there and let Him help us carry the load for we are not alone in our journey.  The Spirit of the Living God lives in our hearts.  Let us learn to always trust Him when dark moments come our way and let Him bring us from darkness to light.  God puts a light in every heart.

A Good Daily Prayer:

O God of infinite goodness, I believe in you.  Please help my non belief, make me know you.

Peace Be With You
Bernadette G. Cyr



Pray For My WIll

It is not all the good deeds that make a Saint, it is the will to be united with My Will at all times.  Though you must do good deeds, for all that you do for others, do for Me.

We must pray daily for the salvations of souls.  The Son of God came down to earth and lived as a human being to die upon a cross for no other reason that to save our souls.

Pray the Rosary daily and walk with Jesus through his Birth, His Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and walk with Mother Mary through the Annunciation, Visitation, the Birth of Her Son, Finding Her Son in the temple, Her glorious assumption, the Coronation.   Yes, pray the Rosary daily for the salvation of souls.  Let us frustrate the devil's plans for ruining them.  Let us cooperate in the work of God, and pray the Holy Rosary for the Salvation of Souls, for without someone praying the Holy Rosary for them, many will go to hell.

Let us listen to the Mother of the Son of God, Jesus.  She is also our Mother.   Let us pray the Holy Rosary before it is too late.  The Blessed Virgin, Protectress of the Church, has given us strong advice, to change our ways while there is still time.

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A Smile Is Love

Be one with Me.  Do not create waves.  Instead, be loved, and I will help you move more than you ever thoght it possible in your human life. 

Wear a smile and down in your own heart you will feel the difference.  Did you know just by wearing a smile, it can create a new you?  A smile is love and will touch people's souls without a word.  It is called the touch of silence. 

Yes, wear a smile.  Be My smile to others, and know that I will help you always.   Remember always to be one with Me in your heart, mind and soul.  Do not be a third tongue.  Do not create waves.  Put a bolt on your mouth and be silent.   Just wear a smile, a simple smile, My smile. 



Let Us Pray For Our Priests

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O my Jesus, I beg you on behalf of the whole Church; Grant it love and the light of Your Spirit, and give power to the words of priests so that hardened hearts might be brought to repentance and return to You, O Lord.   Lord, give us holy priests; You yourself maintain them in holiness.  O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil's traps and snares which are continually being set for the souls of priests.  May the power of Your mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priests, for You can do all things.  Amen

From the Diary of Sister Faustina (Page 1042)


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