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Apostolate of Prayer and Healing
Through the Two Hearts:
Jesus and Mary

"If you cannot understand my silence,
you will not understand my words."


Bulletin:    July 2017

In Silence He Waits

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Jesus, a prisoner of love, in silence He waits.  The crown of thorns is pressed deeply into His Sacred Head and His Sacred Heart is also pierced.

For He waits for us to spend time with Him, Prime Time, and to tell Him that we love Him.  Many times we don't have the time to pray ... we don't make the time.  But, we have time for all else.  For the reality is that what we give of our time too reveals what is truly inportant to us in our own life.  Where we spend our time, there is our heart.

Reparation is needed in one's life for the innumerable offenses, blasphemies, coldness between brothers and sisters, lack of charity between each other, abortions, drug addictions, homosexuality, violence, etc., you name it.  Then comes the horrible sacrileges, going to communion without confessions, anything goes today.  Yes, horrible sacrileges are committed against Him daily in Holy Eucharist.  We have got to make an effort for reparations for ourselves and the souls in purgatory.  Also, reparations for the many sins of the world.

We should try to make little acts of love and also adoration to the Eucharistic Jesus in all the tabernacles of the world world.  Just take a few minutes and unite yourself to all the tabernacles in the world world.  Then, make a silent prayer.

Let us go to confession at least once a month.  We do not need to have a mortal sin to get closer to Him and to let Him know that we love Him and are sorry and want to do better.  For even venial sins create blockages in the channels of our love for Him.   The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a sacrament of love.  We must keep the channels clean at all times.

Let us look at Jesus crucified.  When in confession, do not hold back.  The priest is the doctor of your soul.  Do not be afraid.  To prepare yourselves you must make a good examination of conscience.  We can do this by meditating on our beloved Jesus crucified.

When we look at Him upon the Cross and we see the crown of thorns upon His head, it makes us think of the sins of the mind.  How many times did I judge someone?  Even though we tell no one, to entertain those bad thoughts about a brother or sister is a sin.   You do not have to tell anyone, but God the Father knows it.

When I look at His hands and I see the nails piercing right through them, I think aboout how many times that we have taken things that do not belong to us, at work, at the store or else where.  Or tough things that belong to someone else ... kuje someone's wife or husband.  There are a lot of other things - it is different for everyone one of us. 

When I look at His torn shoulders, I think how many times do we refuse to give a shoulder to help a brother or sister in need.  We did not want to listen to his or her problems because we had enough of our own.  Even when you think "I don't want to listen to your problem" ... you don't have to say it out loud.  God the Father knows how you feel.

When I look at His pierced side, I think about the many times that I have hardened my heart against a sister or a brother because she or he was on drugs, or confused, searching, making mistakes, etc. and I did not open my heart to help.  We must open our heart and pray for that sister or brother to find their way back.  That child is a prodigal son or daughter (and it could have been us).  Pray that they will find the way back.  But if you nag, nag, nag, you will push them away.  Have I hardened my heart against a child because she was with child?  Have I suggested abortion?   Or have told her to get out?  Or have we had an arguement with our husband or wife and do not want to forgive?  We should never go to sleep while being upset with one another.

When I look upon His torn knees, I think about how many times did I fall in sin and did not want to get up right away because I wanted to do things my way.  You know the old saying, "I want to do things my own way.  I want to live my life my own way."  On the way to Calvary Jesus Christ fell three times.  Not once, not twice, but three times.  He did not have to fall at all but He did so that He could leave us an example.  Every Station of the Cross is an example.

When I look at His feet, I think about how many times do we use our feet to go somewhere and know we are going to sin.  But we go anyway because we are going after pleasure.   Everyone is doing it and I am going to have a good time too.

Look at Jesus Christ crucified before you go to confession.  Meditate on His suffering passion and make a sincere confession.  Pray daily for a repentant heart, a forgiving heart, a loving heart, a non-judgemental heart, a listening heart.  Please meditate on Jesus crucified and you will make a sincere confession.  The priest represents God.  Remember that through the Sacrament of Ordination he is taking God's place.

Let Us Pray:

God, Our loving Father, you have given us a beautiful model of love in your Son, Jesus.   In His life He showed us how to love by loving and serving us.  He joyfully fed the hungry, the poor and loved the unwanted.  May we imitate Him and love our brothers and sisters by reaching out to your needy ones.  Thank you Father for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Peace Be With You
Bernadette G. Cyr



Reconcilation and Confession

Do you know the best compliment that you can ever say about someone?  "That person is so honest, you can trust him."   The same applies to you.  That is the best compliment anyone can say to you.

Honesty between friends is very important.  You want to trust your friends, don't you? 

Honesty comes by keeping yor word, and not cheating anyone.  To have a friend, you can always count on his promises.  A friend keeps his promises.

I have such a friend.  His name is Jesus, my Big Brother Christ.  He wants to be everyone's friend.  All His promises made to us have been kept and fulfilled.   Every single promise made to us has been kept.  He is an honest person.   He is not our Brother out there somewhere.  No, He lives within our midst, in our hearts.  We are all part of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

Do you know what breaks the Body of Christ?  It is when we cannot forgive a brother or sister in Jesus Christ. 

We call ourselves Christian!  Did you ever hear someone say "This person has hurt me for the last time.  Let me tell you, I'll never speak to that person as long as I live."  Is that Christian?  Never!  That is a long time.   What if you are now 25 or 30 years old and live to be 90 years old?  Sixty years is a long time.   
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In the meantime, you keep being a good Christian.  Go to Mass, receive Communion and pray.  Skip Confession, who needs it!  Not I, after all I am a good Christian.

Yes, I am keeping my brother or sister in prison; because I'll never talk to her or him again the rest of my life.

We have to realize, we all belong to the Body of Jesus Christ.

Did you ever get up in the morning and start by inviting the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and your Guardian Angel to share the day with you, and thanking them for having watched over you during the night?

Getting dressed, you look in the mirror and what do you see?  Part of the body of Jesus Christ.  Say!  That is powerful.  Part of the body of Jesus Christ!

I better conduct myself as His imitation.  That is what a Christian should be.   Well, if I am never going to talk to my brother or sister for the rest of my life, how can I conduct myself as part of the Body of Jesus Christ, which is what a good Christian is supposed to be.  Not being able to forgive one another is called an impure heart.

Would you wear the same clothes all week? Or, would you put it in the washing well if it is not that dirty?  Still, you would put it in the wash because after a week it would stink.  You would not wear your blouse or shirt if it had a small spot on it.

Then why skip confession?  Why go around with a dirty soul?

Confession has the same effect on your soul as washing your clothes.  Yet, we skip confession because we are not that bad, or that dirty, we don't have a mortal sin.

Many times we don't feel good when all we need is that added grace.  It can be found in the laundry room.  It is called confession.  It is good for the soul, mind and body.  It is the grace of reconciliation with Brother Christ.

Confession is very important to one's life.  We need it to keep God's instrument clean of all the dust that small sins create.

What would happen if you kept your garbage bag in your kitchen all year?  You would have no room to work, and it would stink.  It is the same with our souls.

Also our minds!  If we keep our minds full of this world's trash, then there would be no room for the Spirit to work.  We are crowding our God out.  A mind that is full of this world's trash cannot be at peace to praise and pray as it should be to our God, who is the Alpha and the Omega.  The Beginning and the End.

Peace Be With You
Bernadette G. Cyr



The Pain of Growth to Holiness

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Tribulations and Temptations will be with you as long as you live in this world. 

Avail yourself of the Blood of Christ to rid yourself of temptation and keep yourself in prayer, lest the devil find an opportunity when your prayer life is weak to walk in.

No one on earth is so perfect or holy not to fall into temptations.  You cannot be free of them as long as you are in this earthly life.

All of our saints have gone through the same.  They have passed through tribulations and temptations.  That was what purified them.

When temptations and tribulations come, patience and true humility is strongly needed to become stronger then all your enemies.  Do not treat temptations lightly.  You must pluck it out at the very root, or else you will profit very little and they will soon return; and you will find yourself in a worse condition.

Always pray for God's grace.  Pray much for patience and true humility in time of temptations, for without virtues you will be like a boat without a captain.

Fire makes the iron better, and temptations make a just man.

Break temptation at its very beginning and pluck out it's roots.  For in this way, the enemy is more easily overcome.  When temptations enter the mine do not entertain them for one instant, pluck it out.  If you entertain it, a simple thought in the mind will next be a strong imagination, and the devil's delight.  That is what happens when he is not dealt with at the very first beginning.

The longer anyone waits to deal with him harshly, in resisting him, so much weaker one becomes, and the evil becomes so much stronger in him.

In the beginning of conversion, some suffer grievous temptations, others mid-way, and others are troubled pretty near all of their life,

We must not loose face when we are tempted; but the more we pray for God's blessing to help us in tribulations, you will receive the grace to sustain it.  Let us then give our whole self into the hands of God in all tribulations and temptations.

Let us do this humbly for He will save the humble in Spirit.

Peace Be With You
Bernadette G. Cyr



The Holy Gift of Prayer

The Holy Gift of Prayer is placed by the Hand of the Savior.  If we want to receive this Holy Gift of Prayer, we must first empty ourselves of our humanity, that is to say, the love of the body and the love of our self-will.  If this is first done withour reserve, in true honesty to Our Lord, then you will start rooting yourself in Holy Humility.  The Lord will keep on communicating Himself to your heart, and you will receive the Holy Gift of Prayer.

When in giving yourself completely to God, He will first strip you of everything.   Then He will start building.

The prayers of the Saints in Heaven, also the prayers of the just on this earth, will be joined to yours.  Those prayers are perfume to Our Lord, and it will never be lost by falling upon the ground.

When in prayer and distractions come to you, don't distract yourself still more by stopping to consider why, and the "maybe I am not worthy."  Just offer the distactions to God as an added prayer.  In time, they will be conquered and they too will become merits for you.

Pray, hope and don't worry!  Pray without ceasing!  Be contented to be obedient to the calling of the Spirit which is never a small thing for a soul which has chosen God.

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May the thought of Heaven detach me more and more of material things of this world.   Heaven is being with the Father.  Heaven is being with Jesus, also with the Holy Spirit, the three persons in one God.  Our Supreme Love, which is our life.   Heaven is being with Immaculate Mary, the all pure.  Heaven is the assembly of all the Angels and Saints.



Let Us Pray For Our Priests

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O my Jesus, I beg you on behalf of the whole Church; Grant it love and the light of Your Spirit, and give power to the words of priests so that hardened hearts might be brought to repentance and return to You, O Lord.   Lord, give us holy priests; You yourself maintain them in holiness.  O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil's traps and snares which are continually being set for the souls of priests.  May the power of Your mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priests, for You can do all things.  Amen

From the Diary of Sister Faustina (Page 1042)


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