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Charles & Bernadette Cyr

I would love to share part of my journey with The Lord with you.

I was born and grew up in Saco, Maine.  I attended "Notre Dame De Lourdes" Parish School.  On December 5, 1953 Charles and I were married.  Today, Charles and I have 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

I was sick for 33 years of my life.  My illnesses include cancer of the uterus, epilepsy with grand mal seizures, a rare blood condition, and brain damage from lack of oxygen from being unconscious too often.  In March of 1967 the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine told Charles that there was nothing else that could be done for me.

But, I firmly believed that Jesus was going to heal me some day. This I believed for years and when I would tell the doctors, they would laugh at me, but I just knew with all my being, I just knew that He (My God) would heal me. I started with my epilepsy on the last Sunday of June, 1945. And I was healed on the last Sunday of June, June 25, 1978, exactly 33 years later.

Following my personal healing, people would gather at my home on Saturday nights. We would sing songs of praise and worship to The Lord, pray The Rosary and share how The Lord has worked in our lives. People would ask to be prayed over. With time, more and more people came to this special prayer time. This time gradually turned into The Healing Ministry that we are now involved in. I have seen many marvelous deeds that The Lord has done. But most of all, I want to impress on you that it is the Lord Jesus that heals, not anyone else.

July of 1983 saw the building of "The Little House Of Prayer", a name I had received in prayer. It was built during the first 2 weekends of July with the contribution of a single benefactor and a small crew of dedicated volunteer workers. On July 16, 1983, The Feast Day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Little House of Prayer was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The building of the Little House of Prayer provided a place where a small number of people could gather for the daily rosary, monthly healing services, retreats and of course our annual campfire weekend (held the third weekend of July since 1978). Today, and each day, at the Little House Of Prayer, we recite the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary for all petitions that are sent to us and for world peace. The Joyful Mysteries are recited at 10:00 AM, The Luminous Mysteries at 2:00 PM, The Sorrowful Mysteries at 6:00 PM.  The Glorious Mysteries are said privately as our bedtime prayers. On the first Sunday of each month at 12:30 PM we conduct a Healing Service at the Little House Of Prayer. This service begins with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for one hour followed by songs of glory and praise provided by "The Good Friends of Music Ministry".  The Holy Rosary (Luminous Mysteries) are recited at 2:00 PM. After the Holy Rosary, a teaching is given by myself and then there is the laying on of hands for the healing of mind, body and soul.

This is our Apostolate with "The Little House Of Prayer" and it has encouraged many people, families and little groups to say The Holy Rosary. From there, my husband, Charles and I have traveled out to different parts of the country, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico to conduct Healing Services and Retreats. We work together in this Healing Ministry because in marriage we are one in the Lord. We have been blessed.

We also started an adult prayer group known as "The Apostolate Of The Two Hearts (Jesus and Mary)". I do not do miracles, but My Brother, Jesus, does. God had done incredible things. I have seen the lame walk, the blind see and the deaf hear and many other things also. We can go to Heaven in a wheelchair, but when our hearts are not right, how can we? When you see a heart that has been changed, that is a transfiguration, a miracle. I must tell you again and again that the Holy Spirit is working with His people. If we are open to God, He is going to lead us into a whole new dimension of our spiritual life that we were not even aware of.

If you are ever in Biddeford, Maine we invite you to stop in at The Little House Of Prayer and join us in the recitation of the Holy Rosary. Or, check out our travel schedule located in the Events Calendar - perhaps we will be visiting your home town soon.

May the Blessing of The Lord be upon you and yours. We Bless you in The Name of The Lord.
Your Sister and Brother in Christ Jesus,

Bernadette and Charles Cyr.



Co-Founder Goes Home to the Lord

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Charles C. Cyr, Sr

September 9, 1933
March 15, 2012

A golden heart stopped beating
Hard working hands now rest.
God broke our hearts
to prove to us
He only takes the best.

God saw you
were getting tired and
a cure was not to be
so He put His arms
around you and whispered
"Come to Me".

Bernadette asked me to speak a word about Charlie, as a longtime friend.  To be concise and short, I speak this way of him:

Charlie was a man of prayer; a man of suffering; a man of faith, hope and love; a man of ready smile; a man of praise through music; a religious and spiritual man; a frequent communicant; a man of generous heart; a man of ministry with Bernadette; a man with a missionary heart; a family man; a fauthful and loving husband; a loving father, grandfather and great grandfather; an uncomplaining man in suffering; a man of many skills and practical wisdom; a man of sound spiritual judgement; a man ever open to  the leadings of the Holy Spirit; a man, pure of heart ever striving to do the WIll of God; the Guardian of The Little House Of Prayer; a man who unabashedly loves God, family and neighbor.  In short, a good and faithful servant of God.

If someone is able to observe these characteristics from the outside, how much more does God, who can read hearts, know about Charlie?  For our part, we believe and hope that God, in His infinite Mercy has invited Charlie into His Kingdom.

This day, we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, the guardian of the Holy Family, the patron of fathers, workers and men of good will.  It doesn't seem far-fetched to hope that Charlie was greeted by the Holy Family and guided to the Judgement Seat.

Deacon Bob Parenteau
Eulogy given on March 19, 2012


Cyr Family Memories

The following memories of Charles Cyr, Sr. were shared at Charlie's funeral Mass by his family members:

Shane Kelley, grandson -
I am thankful to have known our grandfather and would like to remember him for who he was, which was a joyful and positive person.  What I am going to miss the most is him calling my name wherever that may be.  We all love and miss you Pepérè.

Kristen & Travis Morin, grandchildren ("the twins") -
We will always remember our grandfather as a very dedicated and compassionate man of faith and of people.  He was always ready to lend a helping hand whenever the need arose no matter how big the task.  When we were kids, he would often wake up in the middle of the night, get dressed, and walk over to our house just to help Travis take his medication as there were very few people Travis would do this for, my parents not being two of them.   Nothing was too big or too hard for him.  He was a stubborn man, very determined.  Even when he was sick or in pain, nothing and no one could stop him from doing what he wanted.  He was very hard working and knew how to get things done, but did not know how to rest ... "no rest for the weary."  He was also a humble man who didn't know how to complain.  In fact, every time I think of him, I can hear his voice echoling "I can't complain," a phrase he used even on the last days of his life.  I will always laugh fondly when I remember his sense of humor and jokes.   He taught us all how to get the last word in with any situation - he said "all you have to do is say 'YES DEAR' after anything someone says, like if Memérè says 'Charlie, stop doing that before you hurt yourself,' I say "YES DEAR'."

There are many memories I will cherish, but I think what I will remember the most are all the times he spent teaching me, and all of us, prayers and songs of praise to the Lord.   As a child I used to listen to cassette tapes of him and Memérè singing to help me fall asleep.  As Pepérè took his last breath, I could hear his voice in my head singing "and on this day, Mama Marie, I give you all my heart, my soul, and my mind."  This song brought me great comfort once more as I knew in my heart, my soul, and my mind that he was ready to go home and be with God.  We will always miss and love you Pepérè, may you finally be at rest.

Charles Cyr, Jr., son -
Had it not been for the love of both my parents for their children, we would never have been able to raise our own children in our homes in the country, next door to their Memérè and Pepérè.  I will miss him greatly - he was the best Dad in the world, and he was always there to help his son.

Diane Hussey Cyr, daughter-in-law -
Pepérè loved his family so much.  His face just lit up especially when the little kids came around.  He spoke about all his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids with so much pride.  He never complained about his health, even though he had lots of health issues throughout his life.  He loved telling jokes and bringing smiles to others.  Our children recall how his head used to shake from side to side as he watched television when there were young, and when they asked him why, he replied "so I can see both sides of the screen at the same time."

Jason Hussey Sr., grandson -
When I was asked to write down my most memorable memory of Pepérè I knew it wouldn't be easy; there are so many memories, how could I choose just one.  So after saying this, instead of sharing a memory I have decided to share something I see every day in myself - it was something I shared with Pepérè, or rather, what he shared with me.  Pepérè always cared for others around him, whether it was family, friends, or a complete stranger - he truly cared.  When you were happy, he laughed with you.  When you were worried, he listened and gave advise.  And if you were sad, he would try to cheer you up, either with compassion, a joke, or a pinch on the knee.  He was a great person, a great friend, father, husband, and a great grandfather.  I was lucky he imprinted this on me - it makes me a better person.  I love you Pepérè.

Amanda Cyr Walters, granddaughter -
Pepérè was always helping others, not just through prayers and ministry, but in so many ways.  If he knew someone was struggling financially, he would try to find them a job to do, either for him personally or through the Little House of Prayer. so that he could help them out while protecting their dignity and self-image.  He taught his grand- and great-grandkids good work ethics by having them do odd jobs.  Many of our first jobs were working for Pepérè ... parking cars and working concession stands at retreats, cleaning vehicles, doing housework, painting, and who hasn't mowed lawns for him.

Carrie Cyr, granddaughter -
Remembering good times instead of last days is hard sometimes, but great memories last lifetimes, generations.  Through stories of Pepérè, he'll last forever.  Like all the family outings, going to Storyland with us, saying the Rosary with him, which he truly loved.  When I was 12, i bought him a necklace that he never took off, and now I'll wear it always.  Simple things made him happy - especially his family - his huge crazy family.  A large number of people who will truly miss him always and love him forever.  Gid Bless you.  Love you always.

Katie Kelley, granddaughter -
My Memérè was always looking after my Pepérè's health, so they would usualy diet together.  I remember one time when I was younger, they came to visit and we happened to have a cheesecake sitting out on the table.  The moment Memérè left the room, he gobbled down a slice, and when she returned to say that it looked delicious and that she wished they could have some, he quickly asked "where's your will power?"   He was the greatest Pepérè you could ask for, and I miss him dearly.  I love you so much, Pepérè.  Rest in peace, and God Bless.

Dani Gagne, granddaughter -
My grandfather was a great man who left us all with a lot of memories that will never be forgotten.  It's hard to pick just one to share, though my favorite memory would have to be how I earned my nickname "the movie star."  Anyone who knows me knows I can be a bit of a drama queen.  Growing up, whenever anyone would babysit, I would throw a fit about something ... Pepérè would hear me scream "it's not fair" from his house, he would come get me, and he would take me for ice cream.  He was always there to help anyone with any situation.  I may not have been there to help with all the time, but I can honestly say I was there when he needed me most in the very same way he was there for me.  To this day I tell people my dreams of wanting to be an actress were inspired by my amazing grandfather, Charles C. Cyr.

Nickole Gagne, granddaughter -
Out of all the memories I have of Pepérè Cyr, I have a few that stand out the most.   The first would be the lollipops he kept on hand for every grandchild except me, because I would always ask for carrots instead.  'Pepérè, do you have any carrots?,' I would say.  The second would be his secret of hiding candy purchases from Memérè, and then forgetting the wrappers in the vehicle for her to clean.   Lastly, I remember him embracing technology as he aged - he had a fascination of the bells and whistles in life.

Dianne Cyr Hussey, daughter -
My Dad and Mom have always been my greatest support system.  I always knew they were there behind me no matter what.  I thank you Dad for all of the love and support, fatherly guidance, and spiritual guidance that you have given not only me, but my family.   I will miss being able to come to you when I'm losing it, but I do know you will still be here with me.  I love you. - Dianne


Above are some of the many memories of Charlie's family members.  I am sure that we all have our own memories and that we will cherish them forever.  We shall all miss Charlie, each in our own way - but I know that we will all be together again some day soon.  And when our lease on life is up here on earth, Charlie will be in heaven waiting for each of us.   He will be with the Lord to greet us at the door and welcome us home.

Do not cry, for Charlie would not want you to weep.  But rather celebrate his life and use your memories of him and the many examples he set for each of us to touch others and bring them to God's Love.  For that is what Charlie would want us to do.

Good bye for now my friend, for I shall miss you dearly.  Rest in the peace of the Lord for it is well deserved.  Watch over us all and help guide us Home.

Joan Briere, Friend

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